Born 1983 in Los Angeles, California.
Paul Remund is a self-taught visual and sound artist.
Within his varying mediums are noticeable inflections of mechanical industrial form and introspective healing. This mood-based work exerts an ache to deconstruct societal conditioning and materialize environments for agency and reconcilliation. Remund has performed and shown work across the U.S. and Eastern Europe and is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Selected Performances and Exhibitions

2020 SOUND ACCESORY cassette soundtrack as part of Andy Ralphs exhibition “...a Placebo, an Embryo, a Mosquito, my Libido”
New Release, New York, NY
2019 HALF-LIFE Ceramic Light Sculpture in group show at Pet Friendly Gallery Brooklyn, NY
2018  Colloboritive Sound Performance as part of  “Why are Rodeo” festival Philadelphia, PA
2017 "Flim Flam" as part of *Time Horizons group exhibition Secret Project Robot Brooklyn, NY
2017 Sound tour with F1k / Isolde Touch
2016 "Holographics 1" as part of *No Vacancy Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY
2016 "Puffers Festival" sound performance Providence, RI
2016 Park Church Co-op Sound Performance NYC
2015 "Real things about Real things" group exhibition - American Medium, Brooklyn NY
2015 "Molting" Solo Exhibition - Big Law Country Club
2014 "Hill of Crosses" Screening - Glasshouse Brooklyn, NY
2014 "Hill of Crosses" Screening - Trispace Gallery London, Uk
2014 "Thaw" group exhibition Brooklyn, NY
2013 Mutant, The Hose, Brooklyn Ny
2013 Further, The Silent Barn, Brooklyn Ny
2013 Loosen, Patarei Prison, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Voices, Hostel, Riga Latvia
2013 Unfound, Vilnius Lithuania
2013 Searching as Two, Warsaw Poland
2013 Desert Heater The Hose, Brooklyn Ny
2013 Transages, Tin Can, San Diego
2012 AQUARIUS, West Ivy Warehouse, San Diego
2012 Assimilation, The Lab, San Francisco
2012 Hands, "Stay Strange" Kava Lounge, San Diego
2012 Decades, The Stock Room, San Francisco
2012 0420, The Cave, San Diego
2011 A Happening, MXD830, San Diego
2011 Phases, Art d'Strada, San Diego
2011 SOLO, The Glashaus, San Diego

Paul Remund