Conceptual Recording in collaboration with
Michael Griffith. 

Improvised Anolgoue synthesizers and percussion.

Cerulean Recordings
Matrch 2022
10” Handcut lathe
and original artwork.

9 Part Archive
Unreleased Sound work
( 2012 -2020 )
January 2021
Compact Disc, Archival Box, Zine

Sound Accessory
Cassette sound companion
For the exhibition, “...a Placebo, an Embryo, a Mosquito, my Libido” by Andy Ralph

New Release, New York, NY

March 2020
Improvised recording / cassette 

Birds for Martin Roth 
Sound Installation
for the exhibition “ In October 2019 I Listened to Animals imitating Humans”

Kunst Haus Wein
Untere Weißgerberstraße 13
1030 Wien

Socrates Sculpture Park
New York

October 2019
Sound Design, Installation

Montez Press Radio 
Modular Synthesis,
Percussion Performance 

Montez Press Radio
New York 

August 2018
Live Performance

Paul Remund